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logo WebPassionate by all web technologies since always, I first jave been specilized in backend languages such as PHP, Ruby, and nodejs, before being more focused in frontend languages (CSS3, HTML5, Javascript through many projects such as RPGfr, Inform'Aix, or The Conflict.

I gradually attached more and more importance to the rigor of the delivered code: W3C standards, the Semantic HTML, but also Unobtrusive Javascript. These methods allow to release websites that are valid on all modern browsers, but also to ensure proper Google indexing , and to be usable for visually impaired.

Since 2005, I am particularly interested in web 2.0, deepening concepts such as AJAX, without library at first and then mainly using jQuery, Single Page Applications which uses RESTful web services, as well as mobile and tablet compatibility thanks to the Responsive Design pattern and Web Mobile Applications with phonegap.

Thanks to this experience, I was able to design many software architectures responding to specific needs, in order to improve reusability, maintainance, and code quality. Very critic, driven, proactive, I put a lot of effort into my work proposing prototypes and regularly new ideas.

logo LinuxThroughout my studies, and until today, I use Linux as the main operating system, as it provides an interface in command line valuable for developers, and to automate tasks (Bash). This allowed me to to administrate a dedicated server, with Apache module, Mysql, PostgreSQL databases, as well as to propose tools like Git, Mercurial, and SVN. The purpose of this server was to have a collaborative workspace with university colleagues to share the work, and to ensure the automatic backup and Security using personal scripts.


Nationality: French
Age        : 32 years-old
Contact    : Email-me Linkedin Viadeo Viadeo Twitter
CV         : en CV English
Last update: Jul 13, 2017
Actual position:
Senior Web Application Developer at Shutterstock. Montréal.

About this website

The website you are currently visiting is written following these rules :

  • HTML code is not written to satisfy design needs, but adapted to the restitution of the information in an organized way considering the meaning of tags. This is called semantic HTML.
  • No style attribute in the code, but in CSS files.
  • No inline javascript code, but in js files (Unobtrusive Javascript).
  • W3C valid.
  • Relevant information should appear at the top of the page for better indexing and better reading for blind people.
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